Give Creatively, Give Sustainably

Moving into the holiday season we're excited about spending time with family and friends, getting to find exactly the right gift, and maybe even traveling to go see everyone. In the process, it is easy to forget about reducing your waste this time of year. Let's try to give a gift to Earth this year as well. In many cases, following these steps make gift giving more thoughtful, intentional, and personal.


We are all so busy and I'm sure you've sent plenty of "Let's catch up some time!" texts. How about instead of catching up over coffee you can go camping, to a concert, or to your favorite city.


While it's exciting to find exactly what you are looking for at the store, why not make it exactly how you want? When you give a handmade gift, you are giving not just a present, but a token of appreciation, love, and friendship through taking time to make it yourself. In many cases, this feels more special and thoughtful than a gift from the department store, no matter how perfect it is.


If you reading through this, chances are you have some like-minded friends and family that are passionate about the world around them. Why not donate to their favorite charity? By donating you can both support their passion and let them know that other people think its important, too. If you want to give to Keep Durham Beautiful, just go here.


Make your wrapping part of your gift with Furoshiki.

Make your wrapping part of your gift with Furoshiki.

Love or hate wrapping presents, you know that A LOT of wrapping paper goes to waste this year. You put it on only to be undone and thrown away in a few minutes. This year make your wrapping paper part of the gift. Either use cloth and learn the art of Furoshiki, use newspaper and dress it up with some dried flowers, or use recycled wrapping paper.

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Happy holidays and have fun getting creative!