"Time spent amongst trees is never wasted." -- Katrina Mayer

plant trees with keep durham beautiful

As part of our focus on beautification and community greening, we offer multiple tree planting opportunities during the year. These opportunities offer participants the tools and skills to plant and care for trees and the ability to leave a legacy for our communities. 

Why plant trees?

Aside from the joy of seeing trees become flush with leaves during the summer or the glory of autumn colors, there are very real health and environmental benefits of planting a tree. Trees lower temperatures on streets, sidewalks and homes. Trees buffer noise from roads, improve roadside appearance and also provide crucial habitat and food for wildlife. Trees filter particulates from the air and convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. They filter stormwater and reduce erosion into creeks. Trees have been proven to provide people a sense of calm and well-being and to increase property values.

Three Ways You Can Help

  1. give the gift of trees

While planting a tree is meaningful and impactful, we need trees to plant! As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, we rely on both volunteers and donors to help us put our mission into action. By donating to dedicate a tree, you guarantee that more trees can be planted, Durham's canopy will be preserved, and the benefits of trees can be experienced by everyone, not just those who can afford to pay for them. 

Keep Durham Beautiful partners with City of Durham and many generous sponsors to share the cost of purchase and planting street trees and urban shade trees in other public spaces like parks and greenways. For a donation of $50 you can sponsor a tree. You will also have the option to dedicate your donated tree(s) in someone's honor.