Monitoring the cleanliness of your neighborhood!

The Community Appearance and Litter Index was developed by Keep America Beautiful as a quantitative measure used across the nation to gauge roadside litter levels. Keep Durham Beautiful, with the help of a group of dedicated volunteers, has been monitoring litter in Durham since 2005. Volunteers from the community are trained in the method and then drive set routes in Durham to conduct a visual inspection of litter levels. Routes throughout the city and county are scored on a scale from one to four, with a score of one indicating “no litter” and a score of four indicating the area is “extremely littered.” The index is used to determine the effectiveness of litter campaigns and identify litter “hot spots” in the community for future clean ups. 

Ready to tackle the problem?

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Otherwise you can register as a volunteer or email us at if you have a group that wants to host a litter clean up in a particular area such as your neighborhood, park, running trail, and more!