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volunteer opportunities

Look at our upcoming events as ways to engage with us and our community. There are a variety of ways to volunteer including litter clean ups, educational workshops, and working in gardens to improve community greening! →

short term volunteer opportunities

We are always looking for energetic, passionate individuals who are interested in contributing their unique skills to help further our mission at Keep Durham Beautiful. If you are interested in volunteering on a longer term basis, please contact our volunteer coordinator at info@keepdurhambeautiful.org and we can help identify potential projects. We are especially looking for folks with the following special skills or interests:

  • Fundraising

  • Grant Writing

  • Data Management

  • Graphic Design

  • Web Design

  • Marketing and Outreach

  • Event Support

Volunteer as a group!

If you don't see an event that you can attend on our schedule, feel free to contact us at info@keepdurhambeautiful.org including your group size, dates and times you are available, and the kind of projects you are interested in!

Volunteer as a Company

There are a growing number of reasons to volunteer as a company, especially in the age of the conscious consumer! Buyers now not only want a good product, but they want to know companies walk the walk when espousing ethics and values. We have a number of companies that volunteer with us regularly and have said that volunteering together has started shifting their company culture into one of accountability, ownership, and also working together. Read more about why you should volunteer as a company.

Ready to take action? Email info@keepdurhambeautiful.org with your group size, dates and times you are available, and the kind of projects you are interested in your team doing!

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