"Time spent amongst trees is never wasted." -- Katrina Mayer

plant trees with keep durham beautiful

As part of our mission's focus on beautification and community greening, we offer multiple tree planting opportunities during the year. These opportunities allow participants the skills and knowledge of how to plant and care for trees as well as the ability to leave a legacy behind in their community. 

Why plant trees?

Aside from the joy of seeing trees become flush with leaves during the summer or the glory of autumnal colors, there are very real health and environmental benefits of planting a tree. They can help calm and relax us, hence the practice of forest bathing. Otherwise trees lower temperatures by blocking sunlight and via evaporative cooling in which the conversion of water to air vapor removes heat from the air. They also reduce the heat of paved surfaces via their shade. When they aren't cooling the environment around us, they are blocking noise from roads and also providing crucial homes and sources of food for animals in our ecosystem. Of all things, they also allow us to breath by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Two Ways You Can Help


Come hug (and plant!) tree with us at the following events.


Ready to help increase Durham's canopy and also inspire your neighborhood?

Keep Durham Beautiful partners with City of Durham Department of General Services, Urban Forestry Division to share the cost of purchase and planting street trees and urban shade trees in other public spaces like parks and greenways.

Fill out our form below to request your new tree! Species are selected from proven survivors which can tolerate a range of challenging site conditions, and are matched to the site. Below the form is information to either send a check or use the PayPal button below for a fast and secure check out.


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