Durham Tire Recycling Drive

Where: Durham Waste and Recycling Disposal Center, 2115 East Club Boulevard

When: Saturday, June 2nd, 8am-12pm

What: We are encouraging residents to properly dispose of old tires and other items that may hold standing water to prevent mosquito breeding and the diseases they may carry. 

The Tire Recycling Drive is a City-County Collaborative effort that includes Keep Durham Beautiful, The City of Durham Solid Waste Management Department, City of Durham Neighborhood Improvement Services, City of Durham General Services Department, the Durham County General Services Department and the Durham County Department of Public Health. Residents will be able to drop off tires (including tires with rims) for free during the event.

To learn more about mosquito diseases including Zika Virus and ways you can prevent mosquito breeding, visit the Durham County Department of Public Health’s website or check out our blog post about ways you can help fight the zika virus in your community.

Strong volunteers are needed to help move tires; please register below!


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