Beauty is the end result of everything we do

Our core belief is that beauty is a silent but powerful force that makes communities safer, healthier and more livable. “Beauty” is in our name, it’s the result of everything we do and it’s what our organization is all about – residents, government and businesses uniting to create a better community and contributing to a more beautiful world.

Transformation Happens

We know that when a community and its residents unite with beautification as a common purpose, transformations occur not only in the physical surroundings, but in the hearts and minds of everyone involved.

Our Volunteers Know

Our hard working volunteers recognize the value of beautification to attract residents, draw tourism, sustain economies, and repel the elements of blight and decay. Incorporating visual beauty into public spaces has proven to be an effective method for raising property values, reducing crime, enhancing the local economy, and improving public health.

More Reasons Why Greening Matters

Greenspaces restore our local economies. They create stronger, more cohesive communities with real dollars-and-cents benefits.

  • Commerce: Treescaped business districts average 12% higher revenue than treeless areas, and consumer responses to green retail and business locations are consistently positive. “Views of green” have even been shown to improve employee satisfaction and productivity for area businesses.
  • Property values & rent rates:
    • Trees planted within 50 feet of a residence can raise property values by 9%.
    • Houses within 1/4 mile of a park average 10% higher value.
    • Reclamation and greening of vacant lots has been shown to increase adjacent property values by 30%.
  • Safety: Beautification projects bring neighbors together, building pride, cohesion and connection. Public housing areas with trees and vegetation have shown up to a 50% reduction in both violent crimes and property crimes.
  • Health: Green public spaces encourage exercise, while local gardens promote healthy eating habits and better nutrition. Access to public greenspaces has been shown to lower heart rates and reduce stress, and even has been connected to reduced rates of athsma, ADD and skin cancer.
  • Infrastructure savings: Treescapes reduce soil erosion, decrease stormwater runoff (reducing need for mechanical controls), and extend the life of street/sidewalk surfaces because of shade. Street trees in Minneapolis are shown to save $6.8 million annually in energy costs, and $9.1 million in stormwater treatment.

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