Reverse Recycling

Instructions to Department Liaisons to Implement Reverse Recycling System:

Establish Communications:

  • Explain the program to your departmental director and be sure we have their support; answer any questions they may have
  • Schedule a meeting with departmental management – Keep Durham Beautiful, Solid Waste, and Custodial Services may send representatives to present the program
  • Develop a plan to communicate the program with all staff who will use this system (those who sit at a desk and have a personal trash can)

Determine Departmental Infrastructure needs

  • Identify and/or acquire centrally located large trash and recycling containers where employees will empty their personal trash and recycling bins as needed:
    • Trash or custodial questions: contact Carl Locus, Assistant Facilities Maintenance Supervisor, at or 919-560-4197.
    • Recycling questions: contact Larrisha McGill, Solid Waste Management Waste Reduction Coordinator, at or 919-560-4186.

Provide and post the list of recyclables and tips for keeping recycling and trash clean and tidy (your department can design this list)

  • Rinse all containers with food or sticky beverage residue!
  • Discard very dirty food wrappers and waste directly in common trash area rather than at desk to reduce odors and bugs

Bags: Instruct employees where in your department to obtain small bags for the small trash can and large bags for the recycling can and tips to reuse the bags when clean to conserve resources. (Note that bags are not recyclable in the city system and should be reused as much as possible to reduce waste.) At this time, Keep Durham Beautiful will supply you with a starter set of small trash bags, and departments will restock these on their own as needed. When your department needs more:

  • You may order from anyplace but we have used Product 977-3026037 20 x 22 inches; contact Mike Mims at Brame at 919-906-4086 (mobile) or 919-598-1500 (main number). The current cost is $10.08 per 1000.
  • Please encourage employees to conserve bags and only replace those that are not re-useable. Properly rinsing recyclables and putting food waste in a central bin will help keep our bags and containers clean and pest-free.