Canines for Clean Water

If you think picking up dog poop is unpleasant…try drinking it! Scoop, bag and can the poop!

Top Five Reasons to Scoop the Poop:

1) To protect our water… Pet waste left on the ground gets washed by rain into drains and ditches that flow into our local waterways. This water is not treated. All the bacteria, viruses, and parasitic worms in the waste get into the water we swim in, fish from, and drink.

2) To stay healthy… Dog waste can contain bacteria and parasites. Leaving it in your yard means bacteria is likely to get tracked into your house.

3) Dog poop isn’t fertilizer… It is very acidic and will burn plants and grass. Extra nutrients usually don’t sink into our clay soil. Instead they wash away into our creeks and streams and cause algal growth.

4) Your neighbors will like you better… No one likes dog poop. Your neighbors don’t want to see, step in, or to smell dog poop. They will appreciate you picking up after your pet.

5) It’s not going anywhere… Dog waste can take up to a year to break down. An average dog creates almost 100 pounds of waste a year that is a lot to leave lying around.

Take the pledge! Email Stormwater Services to request a Pledge Card or sign up below. We’ll print your name on our website below to show your committment.

For Dog Guardian(s):

I will scoop up and properly dispose of my dog’s waste in a trash can.  I will be especially thorough picking up waste near a stream, river, or lake.  I will carry extra bags and offer them to other dog guardians when they are needed.

For Dog(s):

I will wait as patiently as I can for my guardian to pick up after me.  I will avoid doing my business near a stream, river, or lake.  I will remind my guardian to carry extra bags to share with other dog guardians when they are needed.

Canines for Clean Water Pledge

Thank you for taking the pledge to scoop the poop and protect our drinking water!

Thanks to these concerned Owners and Dogs for taking the Clean Water Pledge: