KDB’s First Recycling Grant!

Unlike many non-profits, the Durham Bike Co-Operative is not limited by the number of volunteers. They have a team of over 20 committed skilled mechanics (core-volunteers) who routinely donate their time and energy. They are also not limited by raw materials (donated bicycles). Individuals throughout the Durham area donate bikes to the Co-Op. Their problem was tools and work stations.  In fact, our grant to them will allow their skilled mechanic teams to repair and/or reycle an additional 200 bicycles per year!

Did you know?

Durham residents can become members of the Co-Op’s  “Earn A Bike” program by volunteering for 5 hours of their time. But you don’t need to be a member of the Bike Co-Op to utilize their services. The majority of their clients are not members and no one is ever refused bike repairs for lack of funds.  Every recycled bike they put back on the strrets of Durham means one less car on the road. Although grant was given for the recycling component, their work has a strong beautification component.  More bikes equals less cars and less cars results in less pollution and congestion on our streets. Although their goal is to recycle and reuse every donated bicycle, some bikes are simply beyond repair. Even if the Co-Op can’t fix the bike, no donated bike ends up in a landfill!  Bikes that can not be repaired are stripped of useful parts which can then be used on other bicycle repair projects. The completely stripped frames are then recycled as scrap metal. In 2009, with the cooperation of the Solid Waste Department of the city of Durham, the Durham Bike Co-Op began recycling old bicycle tires. During the current calendar year the Bike Co-Op recycled over 300 bike tires and almost 2000 pounds of scrap steel. These items would have ended up in the landfill without their recycling efforts. Find out more about the Durham Bike Co-op.