Grant Application

Please read the following before filling out the application below

Selection criteria:

Please ensure that your project meets as many of the following criteria as possible. While projects are not expected to meet all criteria, those that can demonstrate alignment with multiple criteria will receive preference in the selection process.

Selection criteria:

  • Impact:Impact of the project on the community (e.g., number of people affected)
  • Community involvement:Volunteer participation
  • Partnerships:Involvement of local businesses, organizations and other partners to assist in designing, executing and promoting the project
  • Environmental sustainability:Sound environmental stewardship principles including native landscaping, re-used and recycled materials, etc.
  • Innovation:Creative solution to a community challenge
  • Community building:Project brings the community together and involves input at various phases from conception to execution to long-term maintenance
  • Project maintenance: Provide a plan demonstrating project continuance beyond the duration of the grant period
  • Uniqueness:Utilizes local artists or artisans, references local history or culture, uses local materials, utilizes creative solutions, etc.
  • Matching: Involvement of local businesses, organizations, other partners, donors, to assist in matching grant funds through monetary or in-kind donations


What must be included in the “Description of the Project”?

Please provide a detailed description of what you plan to do, how you will accomplish it, its impact on the community, and when you expect to complete the project. No project can be completed by a single individual; you will need help from friends, family, neighbors, local schools, garden clubs, or businesses. Talk to everyone who would be interested, and work together on a plan that you all think will work. We are looking for the what, where, when, why, how of your project. Please provide as much detail as you can, including numbers where possible, so we can better understand your project and how it will impact the community environment.

KDB funds may not be used for:

  • Expenditures not approved in project budget
  • Hiring private contractors or paid labor
  • Food and beverage costs
  • Operating expenses (i.e. utilities, routine/ongoing maintenance)

For more information about the Keep Durham Beautiful Grant Program, please click here