America Recycles Day


While recycling has become more accessible over the years, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)[1], Americans only recycle 34.4% of the waste we produce. With the volume of world-wide waste expected double by 2025[2], we have a lot of work to do to increase recycling rates and continue educating our community about the importance of recycling.

As part of this effort our national affiliate organization, Keep America Beautiful (KAB), has designated November 15th as America Recycles Day. Today, across the country people are working to promote recycling in their communities and KAB is asking people to take a pledge to learn more about recycling, start reducing waste at home, school, and work and to teach others in about recycling.

So on America Recycles Day this year, we want to encourage you to take the America Recycled Day pledge and make efforts to keep reducing your waste. Curious what we can recycle here in Durham? Here is a helpful guideline for what items are accepted in our community:




Remember to rinse out and empty all items you wish to recycle. Also, it is important for any cardboard you want to be clean of chemicals or paints and dry.

*Plastic bags can be recycled at any location that accept film plastic. Both Harris Teeter and Food Lion typically have containers for recycling plastic bags and other film plastics at the store entranceway allowing you to easily drop off your old plastic bags before grocery shopping. (Or for the advanced recycle: choose to bring a reusable bag!) For a full list of nearby locations that accept film plastics, visit: Plastic Film Recycling Locations


Another great way you can help reduce waste in our landfills is by investing in Don’t Waste Durham’s GreentoGo box. Since most takeaway containers are not recyclable, these boxes give you a reusable method to bring leftovers home. For more information and to support this innovative new program, please visit their Kickstarter

Still have questions about what is recyclable or want to get more involved in our mission to reduce waste here in Durham? Contact us at:

[1]Municipal Solid Waste, Environmental Protection Agency,

[2] Global Municipal Solid Waste Continues to Grow, World Watch Institute,